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442                                        False though She be

FALSE though she be to me and love,
   Ill neer pursue revenge;
For still the charmer I approve,
   Though I deplore her change.
In hours of bliss we oft have met:
   They could not always last;
And though the present I regret,
   Im grateful for the past.

443                              A Hue and Cry after Fair Amoret

FAIR Amoret is gone astray
   Pursue and seek her, evry lover;
Ill tell the signs by which you may
   The wandring Shepherdess discover.
Coquette and coy at once her air,
   Both studied, tho both seem neglected;
Careless she is, with artful care,
   Affecting to seem unaffected.
With skill her eyes dart evry glance,
   Yet change so soon youd neer suspect them,
For shed persuade they wound by chance,
   Tho certain aim and art direct them.

She likes herself, yet others hates
   For that which in herself she prizes;
And, while she laughs at them, forgets
   She is the thing that she despises.


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