Ecce Homo

How One Becomes What One Is

Why I am So Wise
Why I am So Clever
Why I Write Such Excellent Books
"The Birth of Tragedy"
"Thoughts Out of Season"
"Human, All-Too-Human"
"The Dawn of Day"
"The Gay Science"
"Thus Spake Zarathustra"
"Beyond Good and Evil"
"The Genealogy of Morals"
"The Twilight of the Idols"
"The Case of Wagner"
Why I am a Fatality
An Attempt at Self-Criticism

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Written 1888
Published 1908

Status : In Progress (Excerpts)

Scanned and Archived at
Pirate Nietzsche Page
The Nietzsche Channel
Translated by : Unknown

Last Update : January 1st, 2002